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UPDATE January icantremembertheday

The closed ICO we did was a total success and we raised around $2 after selling all the pepes, so we could finally buy some hot pockets for a meal. That’s why we’re reopening submissions!

That’s right, it’s open!

Don’t believe media! It’s all fake news, the directory is open and they are hiding the truth…. we want your groypers, we want your shitty MS Paint art, we want also good art…. but please, OC…. and don’t come with some cthulhu picture and say it’s a pepe…. we’re stupid, but not that much….

Ooh, also, all the scientists were killed and we made a fine powder with them…. contrary to what usual narrative from fake news sites says, it doesn’t works as talc or stuff like that… However, it goes great with lasagna and red wine.

UPDATE October 2017

Submissions have been stopped, scientists overloaded the dankometer with all the series 30 submissions and we gotta do an ICO to renew the science lab. Total damages haven’t been calculated but it was all insured by our good guy Jamie Dimon’s JP Morgan Chase insurance subsidiaries.

When the science lab is ready again we will be sure to notify, in the meanwhile we will lay on our pepecash piles.

When you’re poor as Sh*t and find money in an old jacket

**** UPDATE**** 

Submissions open again and we have made it more automated and streamlined.   Talk to @cardsubmitbot on telegram to submit your pepe!****

First thing you need to do when creating your Rare pepe, is to create a Counterparty asset to associate with it.  To the non crypto-coin person this can be quite the learning task.  To people already involved in Bitcoin its not that hard.  Visit http://counterparty.io to learn how to create an asset.  You can also download the indiesquare app and create an asset easily on your phone.  The cost to create an asset is .5 XCP (and a little bitcoin for the miner fee)

Cost to submit to the Pepe directory 200 PEPECASH (price will be adjusted weekly on Monday to whatever Kek says)  Half will be sent to a burn address and some will be used to pay for stuff, random giveaways and sweatshop workers.

Once approved your card will appear on rarepepewallet.com and BookOfOrbs Mobile Wallet

1) Pepe’s must be 400 x 560.   They can look like trading cards but it is not required.
2) Cards can be animated gif’s but keep them to 1. 5 mb or less in size.   Use Compression.
2) Issuance must be LOCKED  so your Pepe cannot be inflated.
3) Your Pepe must not be divisible. <— make sure!!
4) Make sure your artwork at least has something to do with Pepe.
5) No NSFW content please.  Trying to be keep it light for now. (Pepe has alot of bad press).  If in doubt message @nola1978 on telegram before creating your asset.
6) When making your token it must have at least 100 Shares and max 100k Shares.
7) No websites.. QR codes.
8) Only 1 submission per day per artist.  Want to have variety.
9) Please allow 24 to 48 hours before bothering our experts about your submission.

Here is a template to use. (you can use others and alter this one as you wish.)  It can be a full card of art, and doesn’t need to look like a trading card at all.


Submissions must be ORIGINAL.  Our rareness quality team examines each Pepe for rareness. (no stealing!)  Our experts understand that lots of Pepe’s borrow  from each other to an extent, but try to add as much Original content as possible.   Also make sure your Pepe is dank.  Check latest submissions on the directory to compare. 


After creating your pepe contact @cardsubmitbot on Telegram and follow the instructions.  If you have problems contact @nola1978

Submission fee can be sent to this address.

Submission fee 200 Pepecash.

You can also join our chat group on telegram here. https://telegram.me/rarepepetradergroup

Don’t have Telegram? Get it here>> https://telegram.org/ (works on phone and desktop)